Sunday, September 27, 2015

Slovakiaring Trackdays 27.9.2015

At last, after 5 years of ownership I decided to go to a track, to the Slovakiaring.
I recorded the whole 30 min session and the highlights are captured in these two videos.

2 race laps

My first track day ever, Slovakiaring 27.9.2015, session time 17:30-18:00. This video captures 2 hot laps of the whole session.

Time Attack

My first time attack ever at Slovakiaring. Time attack was attempted on 2nd and 3rd lap. This is the 3rd lap time attack, which was 0.5s faster. Achieved time: 2:42.2 (Race Chrono optimal Lap time 2:41.5).

Equipment for tracking lap times: 
Android smartphone with RaceChrono app.

Car specs at the time:
Engine - Stock B18C6 190PS (dyno 188PS)
ECU - Stock
Intake - Stock
Exhaust - Stock
Suspension - Stock
Brakes - Stock
Tires - Toyo R1R 195/55/R15
Weight Reduction - 67kg
Kerb weight 1060kg (inc. 10kg fuel)

Time attack was performed during track day at Slovakiaring 27.9.2015, Session Time 17:30-18:00.

Track length of Slovakiaring (Variant 4) is 5922m. Good drivers with quick cars can achieve lap times below 2:40, true high performance cars attack 2:20 mark. 

Reference Lap Times:
Porsche GT3 2:28 (clocked during the event)
Toyota Corolla EE111 (1.4i, 63kW) 3:05
Honda Civic Type R EP3 (2.0i, 147kW) 2:45
Mazda MX5 (1.8i, 103kW) 2:55 
Toyota Corolla AE86 (1.6i, 91kW) 2:58.


  1. Nice one mate 👌 Wish i was there with my ride.

  2. Nice one mate 👌 Wish i was there with my ride.

    1. Yep, it would've been a killer combo DC2+EK9