Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Slovakiaring Trackday 24.April 2016

Slovakiaring Trackday 24.4.2016, 2 x 30min session, time attack + race.

Time Attack

Time attack session time 17:00-17:30. Nice cold weather conditions at 8 Degree Celsius although a bit windy.

Race session

Race session time 18:30-19:00.

Because the Front Left and Rear Left tires work the hardest I set the initial cold pressures asymmetrically as bellow:

1.7 Bar (24.7 Psi) |FL|---------|FR| 1.9 Bar (27.6 Psi)

1.8 Bar (26.1 Psi) |RL|---------|RR| 1.9 Bar (27.6 Psi)

Estimated peak tire pressure during the race was 2.4 Bar (34.8 Psi), after the session a measurement reading was 2.2 Bar (31.9 Psi) for the Front Left tire, 2.1 Bar (30.5Psi) for the others.This paid off hugely because the car had much more grip in the corners. Much more stable rear in the fast right turner as well.
And if it wasn't for that slow Clio driver I could've achieved a lap time 2:37,xx s. I lost almost one full second behind his ass.
Anyway the tires are pretty much done, the're good for just one session.

Front Left

Rear Left

Another chapter is the brakes. They didn't perform as well. They basically faded right in the beginning. Too mushy, too long pedal stroke. This made me screw up many heel-toe downshifts.
At this point I'm pretty sure the Ferodo DS2500 brake pads are not suited for hard racing with many consecutive hot laps and hard braking.

The pads got glazed too much. On top of that I somehow managed to wear down 2-3mm of the initial thickness. And they are just over a month on my car!!!

I don't know if there are brake pads for ITR that could cope with such abuse and still be road legal? I suppose the only way to solve this issue is to upgrade the front brakes to Spoon Monoblocks with 300mm brake discs and larger rims.

I have to put the trackdays on hold until the brake issue is solved.


  1. Okay, I'm glad I found your blog, because I was bored af in the office. I never thought about setting asymmetric tire pressures, but it's not a bad idea. I would say those tires worth another shot, they don't look too destroyed to me. I'm happy to show you the current state of my A048s that covered 3 trackdays, and even though they look bad, they grip really good. (last time I did a personal best on them in a lap where I had to back off for half a sec due to a clutch problem). My r888s (I used to run on those, but after a puncture on the main straight, I had to change the fronts, here came the A048s) covered around 130! laps. Okay those are on the rear, but stil. Very little thread left, but stil feels stable. (Yokos are soft, Toyos are medium) I usually run 1,5-1,7 cold F-R btw. Looking forward for more write ups.

    1. The symmetrical cold tire pressures basically leveled the hot pressures to the same value between left and right. This setup proved to be effective at least for my car running Toyo R1R tires.
      The tires have about 1.5-2.5mm thread left on them. They will last maybe two sessions. Do you have a picture of your tires, how the thread looks?

    2. Not right now, but I will try not to forget, and take a few once I get home. Until then, here's one when I bought them off a guy, who covered only one day with them. (since then, I did 3 trackdays on them)

    3. Which semi slick tire would you say is the best performing tire? Toyo R888? Yokohoma A048? or Avon? And which one lasts the longest? I will definitely buy a set of semi slick tires in the future.
      Anyway how much faster could a real semi slick be compared with a extreme performance tire such as Toyo R1R, which is the only tire I ran on the track so far. Could they be faster more than 1 second on the Slovakiaring?

    4. I'm happy to discuss track days here for weeks, since we share the same passion, but feel free to add me on facebook anytime. Anyway, answering your questions, let me share you a short story about my development. For my first two sessions (we are talking about the Hungaroring now)I used my daily tires, Hankook ventus rs2. With oem brakes, street pads, my best lap was 2.31.8 with a passenger. For the next time I was using ds3000 pads, I improved to 2.30. something. Next year I managed to buy a set of 195/55 R888s with nearly full thread for a bargain, so I put those on instead of the /50, penalising my final drive with a few percents. In that year I did 200 minutes of track days, covering about 70-75 laps in boiling hot weather. On the last session's last lap, the puncture happened, and by the time I got off the track, it got destroyed. Anyway it was time to get another set of something. Since a jap guy from toyo was kind enought to email me quite a few details, I know that the G (soft) and SS (supersoft) R888s are not suitable for summer track driving, they get overheated really soon. (best time on toyos were 2:28:8ish) With the toyos, there came 282mm brakes (still drums on the rear) with yellowstuff pads. DS3000 got destroyed too soon. Did well, but wears too quick. Yellows covered ~110 laps alltogether with around 20k kms on street. So for next year I got a pair of 195/50 A048 Soft tires for the front, and I kept the Toyos for the rear. First day was 2:25:8. Please note that through these days I probably got better, and not all gains are due to the better brakes and tires. By this time, I had to replace the EBC Yellows, and since I was happy with them, I bought another set. Next trackday was in last september, I did 2.24.8 (yeah, all my laptimes are .8 :D ), but with better working clutch, another 5 tenths could have been manageable. This march, I went to Pannónia-ring for the first time, did 2.33 or 2.34, but the engine head thought it was enough abuse, and started overheating and consuming water. So I called it a day. I'm currently running on this D15 engine, but a B18C4 swap is due anytime soon. Hope to be able to enter the time attack in June with it. Sooo.... if you made it this far with the reading, here are my short notes:
      - Toyos are the best for the money
      - Yokos grip far far better (altough I also had a slightly better final drive ratio with the smaller diameter tires)
      - Never used Avons, would if I had the chance
      - New R888s are supposed to be really good
      - Semi slicks improved 3-4 secs for me over hankook rs2s, would do the same for you, since I believe R1Rs are about the same, maybe a little better than rs2s
      - I thought I will wear the yokos too soon, but they still hold up, but toyos last longer, no doubt (harder compound)
      - Since your tire size is /55, which is more expensive, Toyos are a better way to go (but go with the Yokos, if you have the extra money)

    5. Thanks for the detailed post. I made notes to help me guide through shopping in the future. I'm really looking forward to see how was much faster the semi slick is. I think 3-4secs is too optimistic, that's probably what slick tires would do. But let's see.
      Currently I'm waiting for delivery of CL brake pads RC6, which will substitute the DS2500 on the track. I was also considering the DS3000 pads but decided to go with RC6. So the brakes would be the first test in a few weeks. The next tires I'm going to test will be Federal 595 RS-R. I don't think I'll be buying semi slick tires any time soon because I want them on separate wheel set dedicated only for the track. Will happen probably the next year.

    6. I hope you can see it.

    7. Thanks for the pics. How many km's have they done?

    8. R888s did around 110-130 laps (4,3km/lap), A048s did around 50-60.

    9. In case you are interested. (now with b18c4)


  2. As I thought. I forgot. Will post the tires tonight.