Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Slovakiaring Trackday 3.April 2016

Slovakiaring Trackday 3.4.2016, 2 x 30min session, first was the time attack, second was race against other participants.

Time Attack

Time attack session time 9:30-10:00.
My 2. Time attack on Slovakiaring left me a bit dissapointed because I really wanted to break into high 2:39s, which was absolutely doable, because according to the lap timer my best corner times yielded a virtual lap time 2:39,32s. Now at least I know my car can lap the Slovakiaring in 2:38 range in current state, but it requires super clean driving. Looking forward to the 3rd time attack attempt.

Race session

Race session time 11:30-12:00. This was dope :). Racing against a squad of BMW M3's.

Tire pressures were not set correctly. The front left tire worked too much and got overheated which resulted in too high pressure. Notice how uneven the thread wear looks, the wear is mostly in the middle of the thread.

On the other hand the brand new brake pads Ferodo DS2500 held very good. No fading at all. But after the race I noticed the brake pedal stroke increased. Upon closer inspection I discovered that they got glazed over, if I'm not mistaken? Here are some pics.


  1. Hi miroshi love your work il cut to the chase iv got a dc2 it needs some tlc i want to get it to the standard of your would you feel taken on a project obviously you would get paid for your services.

    1. I got no idea how exactly would I be helpful? Anyway I'm currently working on a major project that need's my attention 24/7.

  2. Ok no problem thanks for the reply

  3. Well basically i was thinking you could help me restore it . Iv been very impressed by what you have done with your have mentioned you are busy di you think once you finished we can discuss