Wednesday, June 7, 2017

autoSlalomShow Dunajska Streda, 3. June 2017

The other DC2 got out of the race due to the infamous lower ball joint failure, OEM after 220,000 km.

Watch - Like - Share | Miroshi's Integra Type R DC2 #1920 at autocross event autoSlalomShow in Dunajska Streda, 3th Juni 2017.
Dunajska Streda 3.6.2017,  3. Jun 2017

Car mods:
- HR camber kit front 2.0° rear 1.5°
- weight reduction (-71kg)
- brake pads CL Brakes RC6
- tires Zestino Gredge 07RS Soft 195/50/R15

The best time 01:42.50 s was achieved in 1st timed run.
Finished in 1st place in A3 Category and 8th in the absolute.

Competing category A3 (up to 2000cc N/A., stock and street tuned cars and D.O.T competition tires allowed).

Datalog recorded with Hondash.

Integra Type R #1920 Project blog:

Onboard video shot with action cam Xiaomi Yi 1080p/60 mode, mounted on a custom built rig.
Sound recorded inside the cabin via external microphone Sony ECM-CS3  connected to modded jack connector on the Yi camera.


  1. can i know what type absorber your use? oem stock dc2r or adjustable..tq