This blog contains write-ups and photographs of projects that have been accomplished on my car since 2010.
My Integra Type R was build in 1998 with the badge number 1920 and sold in Italy for the first time. The car had 2 owners in Italy. I am now the third owner in Slovakia. I made a 1000 km round trip to get the car here, on April 16th 2010. With 187 000 km on the clock it sounded a little bit scary but this car was advertised as unmodified and I knew such Honda is bullet proof reliable so I decided to buy it.
In overall it was a good buy. The chassis was absolutely corrosion free and the engine healthy as a horse.
Since the purchase date I upgraded a few things and did a lot of restoration mainly of the visual because from the mechanical point of view there was nothing major to replace or repair.

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