Monday, November 4, 2013

Car restoration Part 6 (Front lower crossmember) in April 2012

After removing the front bumper and inspecting the paint, I noticed that the paint in one spot on the front lower crossmember was somehow different.
I started to scrub it and the paint got loose. There was a body filler underneath the paint. I immediately knew that the car had some sort of accident, although a light one.
This also explained the unsymmetrical headlight alignment in relation to the bumper and a little bit twisted passenger side headlight brackets. Fixing these issues was fortunately an easy task. I removed all of the body filler with the wire brush to check for any traces of rust.

Accident scar on the lower crossmember.
Then using the angle grinder I smoothed the metal surface.
Result after using the angle grinder.
As a primer I applied a zinc coat using a brush.

Zinc coat.
The finishing top coat was the championship white paint.

Championship white top coat.
On this occasion  I have also thoroughly cleaned the whole front bulk and refreshed the paint with one coat of championship white paint.
Finished front bulkhead.
The difference between the dirty and cleaned front end is obvious.

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