Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Car restoration Part 8 (Car bottom, inner fenders, brake calipers, suspension parts) in May 2012

Cleaning parts that never had been cleaned before was a pretty hard job.
Dirty suspension parts and rusty brake discs were not much attractive. To complement the visual boost I had to clean the bottom of the car and the suspension parts as well.
First thing to do was cleaning of the inner fenders and splash guard. As usual the only effective tool was the brush combined with pressure wash.

Cleaned inner fenders.

Cleaned splash guard.

Cleaning of the suspension parts required a combination of pressure wash, soft brush, steel wire brush
and a lot of time. The dirty brake calipers full of brake dust could only be cleaned with the corded drill equipped with a rotary wire brush, nothing else worked. Though the results were very satisfactory.

The difference after cleaning of the suspension parts.

Cleaned brake calipers.

The bottom of the chassis has also been cleaned with a proven method, using the pressure wash, scrubbing brush and full bucket of water with solvent.
The results after cleaning:


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