Tuesday, November 12, 2013

JDM rear strut bar in August 2012

Rear strut bar was available for purchase in Japan as optional item.
Actually I did not get the whole strut bar as one piece. The rear strut bar consists of aluminum bar, which is identical to the front stock type R strut bar, and two steel brackets. It was far more easier to purchase the front brace bar and the two brackets separately, because those steel bracket are still manufactured by aftermarket manufacturer Tegiwa. So I went with this option and purchased them first and then the aluminum bar.

OEM brace brackets from Tegiwa

Fitting the brackets on top of the rear suspension requires cutting holes in the plastic trims and fitting u-shaped rubber over the edges to make it look clean. The most installations I've seen go with one oval cut per bracket. I decided to do two circular cuts per bracket.

Modified plastic trims.

First step was installation of the brackets on top of the rear suspension.

Brackets installed.

Second step was fitting the plastic covers over the brackets and the final step installation of the aluminium bar with 4 screws. Job done.

JDM rear brace bar installed.


  1. Hmm cista robota ba priam by som povedal az JDM robota :-)
    Velka pochvala. Ja sa tiez chystam.

    1. Dik, ale na tvojom aute si nemal tu zadnu rozperu? Mne sa zda ze ju tam prvy majitel Patrick daval, aspon to tak vyzera podla fotky v tvojom byvalom showroome strana 4 z 20, uplne hore.

    2. mal ju tam ale predala sa :)

  2. Replies
    1. Maybe a little bit if at all, because I can't really tell because when I mounted the JDM rear bar I also put a new set of Toyo R1R tires on the car so I think all handling improvements that I immediately felt were because of the new tires.