Thursday, October 31, 2013

Car restoration Part 2 (Roof hail damage repair and paint touch up) in March 2012

First thing to do was the repair of hail damage on the roof and other small dings on body panels with my newly purchased PDR tools.
After watching many tutorials on PDR techniques, using the PDR nylon tip, light source and reflection board I have successfully repaired almost every dent that was accessible.

This was the PDR tool I had been using the most time.
The roof was relatively easy to fix because of great access and low stiffness of the roof panel. Following pictures show the location of hail dents that have been fixed.

Fixed roof hail damage.
The paint was in a very good shape except for a few scratches that had to be fixed with a local repaint. For example the side marker holes had loose paint around it and the clear coat on a few spots started to fall off. 

Loose paint under the side markers.
Fixed paint.
Fixing of the side markers paint and
clear coat on the fenders edge.
The car was for its age miraculously without any rust on the chassis, but when I removed the rear bumper and the rubber lining around the arches I found few spots where the rust started to be visible. It wasn't nothing major, nothing too deep. I was able to remove all of it with the hobby drill using a grinding tool, after that I applied a rust converter to be 100% sure that it will not reoccur. After the treatment I have applied one coat of  zinc and one coat of NH0 championship white color paint. 
Zinc coat.
NH0 white top coat.
Zinc coat
NH0 white top coat.
The rear panel had a few scratches that had to be fixed as well.
Fixed scratch under the left taillight.
Fixed scratch on the panel near the right taillight.
Cleaned rear panel with finished paint touch up.
The paint is now restored and looks pretty good. Of course a whole car repaint would yield much better results but I suppose there is no replacement for the factory paint job in terms of quality.

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