Saturday, November 2, 2013

Car restoration Part 3 (Rims and tires) in March 2012

The rims did not age very well over the years.
They were not in good shape mainly because of some curb damage, chipped paint and brake dust that was so embedded over the years into the surface that I could not clean it with any means but brute force rubbing. Therefore I decided to go with a full repaint.

Old paint.
Curb damage on one rim.
The curb damage was fortunately present only on one rim. Having access to a 3D scanner and CNC machine I was able to repair it quickly and easily by lowering the whole outer edge by 0.8 mm.

Repaired curb damage.
The old paint had to be stripped down. This job was done using a sand blasting machine in a specialized company for such a job. The result looked like this:

Checking the straightness of rims.
On the occasion of rim repaint I got also the front bumper, the lower front spoiler and rear view mirror's front covers repainted.

The original tires were bought in 2008. After 4 years and 40,000 km of driving there was barely rubber left on them. So I had to buy a new tire set. Because the original Bridgestone Potenza RE010 tires were not produced anymore I had to find a replacement and the only good one for reasonable price was the Toyo R1R. Well they have great traction (treadwear 140 is the same value as the stock Bridgestone tires). They are a little bit  bigger and wider despite the same parameter designation 195/55/R15. But the sidewall stiffness is not as good as the stock tire, but it is much better than Toyo T1R.

Toyo is on the left, Bridgestone on the right.

The restored wheels looked like this:

FYI the EDM Honda Integra Type R DC2's rim weight is 5.9 kg.

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